the fear of “full”

The glass half full or half empty? It is the nature of the object that gives me the answer, the glass is born to be filled and then emptied; and again and again. What am I born for? To live. Fill life and then die. I want to be an empty glass. I'm tired of … Continue reading the fear of “full”

Here we go again

sitting eat in silence yet there is noise the sound of a fist fight happening inside you inside myself the exact point cannot be located I'm so sad ? I'm too happy ? sitting eat in silence you get up foggy and here you are again reflected in the water of the toilet and then … Continue reading Here we go again

Christmas message / Messaggio di Natale

Dear:Santa ClausBoogeymanGod All of you have a historical connotation or not, there are legends based on reality or not, folk traditions and religious and non-religious writings. Aren't you tired of it? Aren't you fed up with all the parents who use you against their children?If you are not a good boy, Santa Claus will not … Continue reading Christmas message / Messaggio di Natale